Music lessons are good for you

When I was a kid, my parents used to force me to take music lessons every summer. I remember to hate it so much, because I would have rather stay in my room and play computer games.

I was enrolled in various classes—piano lessons, guitar lessons and violin lessons. My mother was the one who is very persistent to bring me to this classes. This is because she came from a family of musicians. My grandfather used to be part of an orchestra so he trained all of his kids to be musically-inclined. My mother was doing the same to me.

Drum Lessons

But you know what, it didn’t turn out bad. I actually enjoyed it a lot! When I took music lessons, I have gained new friends. Most of the people I consider my closest friends are the ones I met when I was still taking music lessons. I also felt confident and not shy in front of lots of people. I also think that it helped me to be disciplined and work on my time management.

Learning music is also a good way to spend your free time. I realized that instead of sitting on the couch, watching television or surfing the internet for hours, I could just make use of my time and learn to play an instrument. In this way, my creativity is being challenged. I am also able to express my emotions through music. I have always wanted to be a musician, and learning to play various instruments gives me an edge.

Now, I’m taking music lessons again at Allans Music + Billy Hyde academy in Melbourne because I want to learn how to play the drums! I think it is one of the most challenging instruments to play because it requires concentration and good stamina. I can’t wait for my music lessons to start and I will most definitely share my experience with everyone.

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The best day of my life

January 13, 2008 is probably one of the most unforgettable days of my life. That was the day when Leonard Cohen, my childhood hero, announced that he will be doing a world tour. I was so excited that I immediately book tickets so I could see him live. His music has always inspired me, and his words have power over me. He is also the reason why I want to be a good musician who will also make difference to the lives of others.

I made sure that I will be able to attend the first leg of the tour. This tour will be his first after fifteen years, so I really needed to be here. How can I call myself a good fan if I don’t give enough effort to be here and just let it pass, right?

I saw him perform at the Montreal Jazz Festival, and I was blown away. It was my first time to see him perform live, and as cheesy as it may sound, I was so emotional. It feels really surreal when the person you look up to is performing in front you.

He performed a number of hits, some from his old albums and some from his new ones too. I really had a great time. He was a great performer and the crowd was participating too.

After the concert, I patiently waited outside hoping that he would sign something for his fans. I really want to meet him and tell him how he influenced me a lot. I have stood there for hours, but I was not able to see him.

I did not want to give up, but my legs were really tired so I have decided to go back to my car to rest. All of a sudden, I saw a familiar frame walking with an entourage to the parking lot. It was Leonard Cohen. I immediately grabbed my CD, camera and got out of the car.

I called him and he looked back at me. I asked if we could take a photo together and if he could sign my CD. He said yes. He was really nice.

Even if I was shaking and freaking out, I managed to tell him how much his music and his poetry mean to me. I told him that he inspired me to be a musician and to be a great person too.

Until now, I am still in awe that I have finally met my childhood hero.

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Leonard Cohen is my childhood hero

There will always be that person in our lives that we all look up to, a person who has inspired us to follow dreams and become somebody in this world. Some people may consider their parents as their childhood heroes, but to me, Leonard Cohen is the one who really influenced me as a person.

Leonard Cohen

I first heard of Leonard Cohen from my father. He was listening to “Tower of Song” and I immediately got hooked on it. So I decided to borrow his “I’m Your Man” album and listen to it in my room. I found it very beautiful. The lyrics and the melody are exceptional.

I immediately looked up the chords of the song and tried to learn it on my own using my father’s guitar. It entertained me a lot, especially that was the time when my parents were having an ugly divorce.  Music kept me sane and I got inspiration from his lyrics, his poems and his novels. It was a way for me to take a break from my personal life. I felt like his words became my words to live by. .

I practiced every day and night until I have perfected to play “Tower of Song”. I was so proud of myself. The next song I learned to play is “Suzzane”. I chose it to be the next song to learn because I wanted to play it for my girlfriend who has the same name. Unfortunately, I only perfected it after we broke up. That was a bummer.

I also admire how he wrote all of his songs. In every song, he is telling a story and he is very good at creating a world where you can easily relate to what he was saying. Even if you are just a listener, you feel like you are part of the story he is telling. Listening to his songs is very engaging

I really think that Leonard Cohen is one of them most underrated artists out there. He is a brilliant man who is very talented and has lots to offer to the world. He deserves to be celebrated and appreciated.

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